Meet Our Team!



Before starting Gym 2 You, I was a gymnastics coach for over five years. I’ve worked with athletes on a recreational, pre-competitive and competitive level. I loved working in a gym but I’ve chosen this path because it’s a more personal approach to coaching. In a one on one setting it’s amazing to see how fast children learn! With Gym 2 You, I promise to bring my level of expertise to teaching your children right in the comfort of your own home. I absolutely love what I do and I can’t wait to share my passion with you and your child!


Coach Tori

Tori Bowen, also known as “Coach Tori” began dance at the age of 3 and fell in love with it! She began competing at the age of 6 and has studied many styles of dance. Her favorite style being Acro! Tori also did gymnastics all throughout her childhood. She is the acro instructor at various local dance studios and of course Gym 2 You! Coach Tori works enjoys working with all skill levels but particularly with our advanced competitive athletes. Tori’s favorite skills to coach are Back handsprings, back tucks and aerials. We are so thankful to have Coach Tori as part of the Gym 2 You family. She looks forward to seeing your young athlete in class very soon!


 Introducing Coach Ashlyn! Ashlyn has been coaching gymnastics for 5 years. Although her specialty is in gymnastics she’s also a pro at teaching acro to dancers! She knows the differences and similarities in both art forms and ensures her athletes have success in whatever sport they are pursuing. She wants her students to know that they can do anything they set their mind to! Ashlyn stenght is instiling confidence into her students. Coach Ashlyn can’t wait to work with your kiddos.


Introducing Coach Leah! We are so proud to be adding Leah to the Barrie Team! With a back ground in Dance/acro she’s a super star when it comes to teaching kids all about the basic/intermediate acro skills! Younger children tend to gravitate to coach Leah easily, due to her gentle nature and patience. She is quick to correct form further instilling proper technique in her students. Leah loves coaching new skills while keeping classes fun! She can’t wait to help your young athletes achieve their goals!


Introducing Coach Cori! Cori has been a cheer leader her entire life and is super excited to inspire other young tumblers! Cori currently coaches our recreational students as well as our private school group classes. We love that Cori is able to coach not only gymnastics but also acro and cheer! Her students adore her fun loving coaching style and her ability to foster confidence. Cori is excited to work with your young athlete soon!


Introducing Coach Chantelle! Chantelle has been in the dance world her entire life! She currently teaches recreational and competitive dance at a local Barrie dance school. Due to her high skill level she is usually placed with Competitive dancers who are working their aerials and handsprings. She’s great at pin pointing what’s going well in a skill and what needs to be worked on. With her eye for detail her students are sure to have great technique! Coach chantelles can’t wait to see you in class!


Introducing Coach Alyssa! Alyssa is a local, competitive dance teacher, with a passion for acro! Competitive students adore working with her, for her attentive corrections. Recreational students love her fun personality when teaching new skills. Her favorite skills to teach are front and back walkovers. Alyssa loves seeing how proud her students are when overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals! Her students are what make her job so rewarding! Coach Alyssa is looking forward to seeing you in class!